Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction is performed after a woman has been surgically treated for breast cancer, either by mastectomy (whole breast removal) or lumpectomy (partial breast removal). Several different types of reconstruction may be considered, including reconstruction with implants, with your own tissues (autologous or flap-based), or with a combination of the two.

What To Expect

Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as breast cancer removal (immediate) or at a later time (delayed). The best breast cancer care comes when the entire team of doctors – medical oncologists, breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, and plastic surgeons – work together. Involving the plastic surgeon from the very beginning is an important part of the entire process of treating and recovering from breast cancer. As a reconstructive surgeon, my goals are: (1) first, to ensure you receive the best and safest cancer care possible; (2) second, to reconstruct your breast(s) as aesthetically and comfortably as possible.