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Welcome to Lakeview Plastic Surgery, which is located in Lakeview and serves all of the Chicago area.  Dr. Alison Shore is known for her simple, fresh approach that makes the entire transformation experience, whether subtle or dramatic, all about you. Dr. Shore’s personal approach is matched only by her passion, keen artistic abilities and extensive experience in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.  All of these work together to bring her patients optimal results while providing the highest level of care.

Philosophy and Outlook

Rejuvenating.   I believe individuality should be embraced.  As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, I offer solutions to those seeking to enhance their appearance, to retain and regain youthfulness or to refresh their look.  My goal is to provide harmonious, natural-looking results while maintaining your individuality, without changing what makes you you.  

Restoring.    As a reconstructive surgeon I care for people following traumatic accidents, after surgical treatments for cancer, or with congenital or acquired conditions, in order to improve function, appearance and quality of life.  As a surgeon with extensive experience in reconstructive breast surgery, I have become dedicated to caring for women diagnosed with breast cancer.  I offer the full spectrum of reconstructive techniques, including advanced flap- and implant-based reconstructions. Women can feel comfortable knowing that a discussion of their options for breast reconstruction will be comprehensive, yet individualized to fit their unique goals and needs.

Personal.    The landscape of medicine has become more complicated and less personalized. At Lakeview Plastic Surgery we are unique. Our office is small and intimate, designed specifically to make you feel comfortable when you visit. Located in Lakeview, on the seventh floor, we have a beautiful view of downtown Chicago. With only one consultation room, each guest has our full undivided attention during their visit.  Our goal is to personally guide and educate you through the process while enhancing quality and privacy, making your visit as efficient, effortless and enjoyable as possible.

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Lakeview Plastic Surgery is proud to be
LGBT-welcoming and inclusive.

Lakeview Plastic Surgery offers a full range of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

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“I’ll do my very best to ensure you have a good understanding of what is involved with the selected treatments. Together, we will develop a plan that best suits your needs and goals.”

Dr. Alison Shore