Dermal Fillers

Restylane®, Perlane®, JuvéDerm®

woman smiling and happy about how she looksDermal fillers, such as Restylane, Perlane, and JuvéDerm, are soft tissue fillers used to treat signs of facial aging, by filling in wrinkles and folds (such as the nasolabial folds) and areas of lost fullness (such as the lips and eye area).   They are made up of stabilized hyaluronic acid (a naturally-produced substance in our bodies, responsible for soft tissue volume), and are FDA-approved for the cosmetic treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and soft tissue depressions.  Restylane is FDA-approved for lip enhancement in patients over 21.


What You Can Expect

Injection of soft tissue fillers can often be combined with other minor office procedures or injections of other products, like Botox®. During your consultation, Dr. Shore will review which products are available, and which are best suited to treat your area(s) of concern.  Dermal filler injections take little time to perform, and the effects are immediately noticeable.  (They may appear more pronounced due to swelling, which will eventually subside). The effects often last up to six months, and varies with each patient.