Skin Care

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Beauty starts with the skin!  With so many skin care products available on the market for the face and body, it is hard to know what products are right for you.  It is fun to try different things, but ultimately finding the right products will facilitate your routines and keep your skin refreshed and healthy.

Any facial skin care routine must include the four basics: cleanser, exfoliation, moisturizer, and sun protection.  Additional steps to enhance and rejuvenate skin may include:

  • Toner (to restore pH balance of the skin)
  • Anti-oxidant treatments (to remove damaging free radicals)
  • Lightening agents, such as hydroquinone (to reduce the appearance of dark spots)
  • Retinoids (to improve skin tone, thickness, and quality)
  • Adjunct maintenance treatments, such as peels, microdermabrasion, and laser resurfacing will also help keep skin looking younger and refreshed

The same four basic principles apply to body skin care as well.

How We Can Help

At Lakeview Plastic Surgery, we offer two lines of products: Obagi for the face, and Trillium Organics for the body.  Both of these products are used daily by Dr. Shore, who can attest to their efficacy and ease of use.

We are happy to discuss skin care with you during your visit, to create a plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you stay looking rejuvenated and refreshed!